A Lesson in Ethos: Vicki

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Dear reader,

This blog post has serves to establish credibility and introduce myself as a writer. So if you’re here simply for advice, I acknowledge that this is entirely skippable.

My name is Victoria (Vicki) Lee and I am currently a junior at Fountain Valley High School.  My current life goal is to attend UCLA, UCI, or UCSD. At UCI and UCSD, I aspire studying biomedical engineering, or BME.  At UCLA, I aim to enter their biochemistry program.  As of now, I am in the top 2% of my graduating class (not going to disclose which exact rank I am…).

The reasons behind the creation of this blog are simple: to guide students based on my personal experience and to give others advice I wish I had.  I know how difficult it is for some people find where to even start.  So, I hope that this blog will give you some hope, a dash of motivation, a pinch of inspiration, and knowledge that will benefit you in the future!  Now, as a high school student, I am definitely not a professional well-versed in guiding kids and mentoring them about their futures, but I can try by sharing my personal experiences, regrets, hopes, and objects of inspiration.

Throughout the rest of my high school career and possibly beyond that, I will attempt to update my progress and new things that I’ve learned.  Additionally, Maggie and I have discussed the possibility of turning this project into a vlog-blog.  So some “lessons” we may just vlog and post it here.


Happy Memorial Day!

Victoria Lee (Vicki)


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